Quality with a clear conscience

With its commitment to sustainability, M-Industry strives for closed-loop circuits. Its ambition is to reduce the use of resources such as energy, water and raw materials across the whole value-creation chain. The aim is to ensure long-term, continued success, to provide employees with comprehensive support, and to help ensure the survival of our ecosystem.

Certification under ISO 14001

ISO 14001At the end of October 2016, the industrial group achieved certification under ISO 14001. M-Industry is now in a position to systematically ensure that environmental requirements are met, environmental impact is minimised, and every effort is made to continually improve sustainability.

To the ISO Certificates

Sustainability film

This film demonstrates M-Industry’s commitment to sustainability and sets out its strategy. All companies in the M-Industry group are obliged to implement this strategy. It contains over 40 objectives stretching until 2020 and three guiding visions that will form the basis of its work until 2040.

Ambitious goals, pioneering vision

M-Industry has set itself ambitious but realistic and inspiring goals up to 2020. Pioneering visions until 2040 serve as a beacon and set the long-term direction. They lay the foundations for more radical innovations and partly require technological advances. Leading the way are 100 percent sustainable raw materials, 100 percent renewable energy and 100 percent recycling.

Ten fields of action along the value chain

The M-Industry sustainability concept encompasses the entire value-creation chain: from the procurement and cultivation of raw materials and corporate production to consumption and recycling. M-Industry is striving towards closed-loop systems across this chain.

All M-Industry companies are using targeted measures to work on ten areas of activity.

Fields of action in ecology: biodiversity, water & soil, climate

Fields of action in the economy: resource efficiency, capacity for innovation, market performance

Fields of action in society: employment, partnership, health, animal welfare


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